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GYPSICOLA  Boissier & Reuter, 1842

Synonyms :

Sedum album var. gypsicola  (Boissier & Reuter) Hamet (1929) / Sedum album ssp. gypsicola  (Boissier & Reuter) Maire (1932) / Oreosedum gypsicola  (Boissier & Reuter) Grulich (1984)

Sedum gypsicolum  hort. (s.a.)

Sedum album var. eu-gypsicola  Maire (1977)


Distribution : Central and southern Spain, Italy (Sicily), northern Africa (Morocco, Algeria).



Description (according to 't Hart & Bleij in IHSP 2003) :


Basally densely glandular-pubescent perennial herbs, laxly caespitose with creeping stems bearing short ascending non-flowering shoots.


Leaves alternate, patent or appressed, sessile and scarcely spurred, linear-cylindrical to ovoid-globose, 3 - 10 (- 20) mm, obtuse, semiterete to terete, often flattened on the upper face, covered with longitudinal rows of papillae, glaucous or green and often reddish.


Inflorescences : Flowering branches erect, 5 - 18 (- 30) cm, inflorescences rather dense many-flowered subcorymbose cymes, freely branched, bracteate, bracts 1 per flower, small, pedicels to 4 mm.


FIowers 5-merous, sepals broadly sessile, basally connate, ovate to triangular, to 1,5 mm, petals free, lanceolate, 1,5 - 4,5 mm, subacute, white or rarely pink, filaments white, anthers dark red.


Cytology : 2n = 34, 68, 102


Almost identical to S. album, but easily distinguished by the papillate leaves. The 2 species have very different distribution areas but occur in similar habitats. No mixed stands are known to occur.

In habitat  - Algarve :

Espuna :

Serra de los Filabres :

An extreme form :

Photos Ray Stephenson

In cultivation :

Photos Robert Hood

Plante cultivée en rocaille / Plant in a rockery

16 mai 2010 :

28 mai 2010 :
Les fleurs rosées à droite sont de S. album.
Pink flowers at right are those of S. album.

Photos Eric Barbier

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