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CAPENSIS var. PROMONTORII (Schönland & Baker f.) Tölken, 1975

Synonyms :

Crassula promontorii  Schönland & Baker f. (1898) / Septas capensis var. promontorii  (Schönland & Baker f.) P.V.Heath (1993)

Distribution :SA (Western Cape); usually in the shade (acc. to IHSP).

Tö : Restricted to the northern half of the Cape Peninsula; growing in moist places in sheltered ravines or in the shade of overhanging rocks.


Description (according to Tölken, 1985) :

Plant erect and often branched, with leaves developing before flowering and borne 20 - 50 mm above soil level.

Leaves with petioles (3-) 10 - 30 (-40) mm long, lamina obovate, ovate, rarely elliptic, truncate, cordate or cuneate and as long as broad or broader, with crenate to entire margins.

Inflorescence a terminal or lateral, subumbellate thyrse, without peduncle.

Flowering time : October, November.

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