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CAPENSIS var. ALBERTINIAE  (Schönl.) Tölken, 1975

Synonyms :

Crassula albertiniae  Schönland (1917) / Septas capensis var. albertiniae  (Schönland) P.V.Heath (1993)

Crassula bartlettii  Schönland (1929)

Distribution : SA (Western Cape); usually exposed on flats and slopes (acc. to IHSP).

Tö : Occurring in the southern Cape Province from near Caledon to Riversdale usually growing on gentle lower slopes.


Description (according to Tölken, 1985) :

Plants erect and unbranched, with leaves developing after flowering immediately above soil level.

Leaves with petioles 3 - 8 (-10) mm long, lamina elliptic to oblanceolate, usually longer than broad, with entire margins or slightly undulate when young.

Inflorescence terminal, umbellate and with peduncle 3 - 10 (-15) cm long.

Flowering time : Autumn to mid-winter.

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