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ALPESTRIS ssp. MARNIERI  (Hamet ex H.Ohba) Eggli, 1988

Synonyms :

Sedum marnieri  Hamet ex H.Ohba (1974) / Rosularia marnieri  (Hamet ex H.Ohba) H.Ohba (1977)


Distribution : India, Nepal, 3000 - 4800 m.



Differs from ssp. alpestris:

Leaves oblong to slender ovoid, fairly succulent, bright grass-green, glabrous or almost, margin with few short ciliae.


Flowers normally 6-merous, ± funnel-shaped, petals white or pale pinkish, basally greenish, with or without purplish venation, margin strongly erose in the upper ½.

Photos Stefan Neuwirth

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