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ANGUSTIFOLIA  Walther, 1972 

E. angustifolia Walther is a superfluous re-naming of E. humilis Rose. 

Walther made the description of this new species "solely" from the herbarium specimen US 888640 and the accompanying photo n° 719, labeled Echeveria humilis, San Luis Potosí, C.A. Purpus #205, 1905. 05.465. That means it was gathered in the same region as the type of E. humilis Rose. Reid Moran wrote that "it was identified as humilis presumably by Rose". 

Walther wrote that it is distinguished from the latter by its narrower and longer leaves, however this is wrong - a comparison of the descriptions of both species reveals the contrary : E. humilis has longer leaves than E. angustifolia. In any case, differences are insignificant and the description of this clone of E. humilis as a distinct species is in no way justified.

PS The ISI 1986 offering "Echeveria angustifolia aff." has later been identified as E. unguiculata

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