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HYALINA   Walther, 1958



Published in Crassulacea No. 5, 29. Sept. 2017.

Series Urbiniae

Type : CAS 234168, from plants in cultivation in Mexico City.

Distribution : Mexico (Aguascalientes, Guanajuato, Hidalgo, Querétaro, San Luis Potosí). 

First Description by Walther in Cactus and Succulent Journal US 30: 43-44. 1958 from living plant received from Sr. Halbinger in 1934 :

Rosettes stemless, belatedly caespitose.

Leaves numerous, densely crowded, obovate-cuneate, cuspidate, to 6 cm long and 35 mm broad, whitish-crystalline, rather thin, with thin, hyaline margins, tips greyish pink.

Inflorescence a simple raceme, scape to 30 cm tall or more, slender, flexuous, erect, lower bracts linear-oblanceolate, acuminate, to 14 mm long, appressed, pedicels to 10 mm long, turbinately thickened below calyx, becoming erect after anthesis.

Flowers 14 - 20, sepals very unequal, deltoid, spreading, longest to 5 mm long, much connate below, corolla urceolate, 11 mm long, 8 mm in diameter at base, scarcely pentagonal, pink below, greenish above, petals slightly spreading at tips, nectaries obliquely reniform.

Flowering time : January-February.

Cytology : Type species n = 34, Wiggins n = 32, plants from SLP n = 31, 32, a collection from Queretaro n = 60.

Note :

1. Sr. Halbinger who had shared this plant with Walther was unable to recall its original source. A plant collected by Wiggins 1955 in Guanajuato was identified by Walther as E. hyalina, later similar plants were also found in Queretaro and San Luis Potosí. The plants occurring in Hidalgo, incorrectly named E. sanchez-mejoradae, are the same species.

2. E. hyalina is closer to E. simulans than to E. elegans.

El Banco, Hidalgo :

Photos Brian Kemble

Gilo, Hidalgo :


Santo Domingo SLP :

Ahualulco, SLP :

San Luis de la Paz, Guanajuato :

Pinal de Amoles, Queretaro :

Photos Gerhard Köhres

Photos Mieke Geuens

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