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Echeveria elegans var. tuxpanensis Walther, 1972

First Description by Walther in Echeveria,101, 1972 :

Leaves oblong-oblanceolate, cuneate, acute to shortly acuminate, 30 - 35 mm long, 10 - 12 mm broad.

Inflorescence simply racemose, 15 cm tall, with 10 - 12 flowers, pedicels slender, to 10 mm long, turbinate beneath calyx.

Flowers : Sepals unequal, the longest to 8 mm long and with distinct sutures at base, deltoid to ovate-lanceolate, acute to acuminate, corolla 12 - 14 mm long, petals apparently thin, neither keeled nor much hollowed within at base, at tips erect or scarcely spreading.

Note :

Walther described this variety from a specimen with Rose's n° 961, collected "on rocks in cañon near Tuxpan, Jalisco, Mexido",  and remarks : "I have not been able to study living plants of this new variety".

When F. Otero collected an apparently unknown Echeveria at Tuxpan, Michoacán, Uhl speculated that this might be Walther's var. tuxpanensis, suggesting that Walther's locality Tuxpan, JALISCO, in fact was Tuxpan, MICHOACAN. Meanwhile the plants from Michoacán are well known and distributed under the invalid name E. 'Pinwheel' and it is obvious that they do not correspond at all to Walther's description of E. elegans var. tuxpanensis, i.e. the plant Walther described does not originate from Michoacán. It is quite obvious that subsequent authors contented themselves by thinking Tuxpan, JALISCO, was another of Walther's numerous inaccuracies and failed to consider his description.


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