White Nun  ‘화이트 넌’

Origin unknown

ParentageEcheveria derenbergii x Pachyphytum sp. ?

Listed in Johnson’s catalogue 1954.

Rosettes resembling Echeveria derenbergii, closely packed leaves looking like white balls. Flowers are yellow tipped with brighter pink, open like a broad shallow cup, stamens pink tipped, carpel yellow, stigma lobes pink-tipped.
„The flower itself, not the whole inflorescence, and the rosettes are reminiscent of Echeveria derenbergii, though the leaves are wider and even more succulent. The growth also is somewhat similar, though there are differences. …. The inflorescence comes from the tip of an elongated rosette which trails over the side of the container, breaking into more rosettes which also elongate into flowering stems….. The stems are bright pink …. And a pink flush covers the ‘White Nun’ until it looks like pink alabaster.”
M. Shields: “A Garden under Glass” in The Bulletin of the African Succulent Plant Society, vol. 6 (5): 173-178, 1971)

Jacobsen, Lexicon of Succulent Plants, second edition, 1977, p. 313
“x P. cv.
White Nun. – Parentage not recorded; Hort. Johnson 1954. – Densely leafy; L. glaucous, whitish.”


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