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ANDINUM Ball, 1885

Synonym : Villadia andina (Ball) Baehni & Macbride (1937)


Distribution : Peru (Lima : valley of the Rió Rimac), ± 4000 m



Description (according to IHSP 2003) :


Tufted perennial herbs with many slender leafy branches.


Leaves alternate, small, semiglobose.


Inflorescence : flowering branches suberect, inflorescences few-flowered.


Flowers  5-merous, sessile or subsessile, sepals basally free, slightly spurred, ovate-elliptic, almost as long as the petals, petals basally connate, lanceolate or oblong, subobtuse, dark red.


Cytology : chromosome count of approx. n=40


Note :

Recent discoveries show there may be one or more giant forms in north of Peru, unpublished as of year 2006, these can go to 3 ft. tall as a bush. They will probably be published as full new species. (James Low)

Small form :

a larger and a smaller form :

Larger form :

Photos Margrit Bischofberger

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