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DIMINUTUM (R. T. Clausen) G. L. Nesom, 1996


Synonym : Sedum parvum ssp. diminutum  R. T. Clausen (1979)


Distribution : Mexico (Coahuila: North-west of Cuatro Cienegas); limestone rocks, 1860 m, known from the type only.



Description (according to IHSP, 2003) :


Prostrate-decumbent perennial herbs with somewhat woody rhizomes, stems green, smooth, with a golden sheen below.


Leaves evenly sized and spaced, very flat, narrowly elliptic-oblong to narrowly oblanceolate-oblong, 3,7 - 5,5 x 1,3 - 1,8 mm.


Inflorescences : Flowering branches with diffusely arranged flowers along the upper parts, not congested in cincinni.


Flowers : Petals erect, yellow, 3 - 3,5 mm, anthers red.


Only recently raised to species rank and closely similar to S. parvum.

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