CHLORANTHUS Heldreich & Sartori ex Boissier, 1872

Synonym : Cotyledon chlorantha  (Heldreich & Sartori ex Boissier) Halacsy (1900)


Distribution : Balkans, south-eastern Italy, Greece, Crete, Turkey.



Description (according to IHSP 2003) :


Basal leaves orbicular, peltate, to 4 cm in diameter, margin crenate, cauline leaves deltoid-ovate, sessile.


Inflorescences often branched with erect branches, erect, to 30 cm, pedicels 1.5 - 3 mm.


Flowers spreading horizontally or drooping, corolla campanulate, 3 - 4 mm long and in diameter, (greenish-) yellow, petals free almost to the base, ± spreading.


Closely allied to U. parviflorus, but with more distinctly peltate leaves. Its occurrence in Italy was only recently reported (Jalas & al. 1999: 47).


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