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x intermedium   Bramwell & Rowley, 1973

Parentage : Aichryson laxum  (Haworth) Bramwell [A. dichotomum (DC) Webb & Berth.] x A. punctatum  (Chr.Sm. ex Link) Webb & Berth.

Distribution : Canary Islands (Teneriffe, Palma, El Hierro).


Description by Praeger (1929) :

Intermediate between the parents.

Stem and branches stouter and more hairy than in punctatum, sometimes as stout and hairy as in dichotomum.

Leaves more hairy than in punctatum, sometimes with the black-fringed crenations of that species.

Inflorescence much more lax than in dichotomum, but very hairy.

Flowers 8-parted, petals lanceolate.

Flowering time : May - June.

Habitat : Canary Islands : Occasionally on Teneriffe and Palma, with the parents.

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