ODONTOPHYLLUS (Fröderström) 't Hart, 1995

Synonyms :

Sedum odontophyllum  Fröderström (1932) / Aizopsis odontophylla  (Fröderström) Grulich (1984)


Subgenus Aizoon


Distribution : China (Sichuan); 300 m.



Description (according to IHSP, 2003) :


Glabrous herbs with thick stoloniferous roots and ascending, rather stout, basally rooting stems to 20 cm.


Leaves oppposite to alternate, oblong to almost orbicular, subacute to obtuse, sparsely irregularly dentate, long-petiolate, 20 - 40 mm.


Inflorescences corymbose with 2 or 3 forked cincinni.


Flowers 5- to 6-merous, sepals ± equal, broadly linear, obtuse, 2 - 2.5 mm, petals basally slightly connate, oblong to subovate, long-mucronate, 5 - 7 mm, yellow.


Fröderström (1932) considered this species to be related to Sedum Ser. Bracteata and in particular to S. engleri. However, the broadly sessile sepals, albeit of equal length, the dentate leaves and the rhizome all indicate that its affinities are with Phedimus rather than Sedum (Fu & Fu 1984).

Photo Ray Stephenson

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