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BONORUM-HOMINUM Niederle, 2015

This species is very tiny, whitish glandular-pilose, collected in mountains Honaz Dag and Tahtali Dag in W Anatolia, to the west of Anatolian diagonal, wheras Chaloupkaea aizoon to the east of it. It is distributed with the incorrect identification Rosularia aizoon.



Plant perennial, proliferous, caespitose.

Caudex thin, 2 mm in diameter, to 2 cm long in flowering rosettes, absent in younger rosettes.

Rosettes semiglobose, approximately 15 mm in diameter.

Rosette leaves spathulate, to 8 mm long, 3.3 mm wide and 2 mm thick, whitish glanduloso-hirsute, soft, without ciliae and mucro.

Florigenous shoots monocarpic, lateral, appearing in August, first decumbent to ascendent, later erect with horizontal stolon 1-2 cm long sometimes rooting, in winter and spring cylindriform, together with leaves much narrower than rosette, 7-9 mm in diameter, 25-35 mm high, whole with sepals and keels of petals glanduloso-pilose, glands dark violet and stalks hyaline.

Cauline leaves oblong to lanceolate, suberect, longer than rosette leaves, to 10 mm long, 4 mm wide and 3 mm thick, glanduloso-hirsute, soft, upper ones with ventral side red and dorsal side suffused red. Inflorescence and flower buds from beginning erect. Bracts present, bracts of second and third order very small.

Flowers Chaloupkaeam rechingeri reminescent, 5-merous, tubiform, 3-6 in infloresce, 10-12 mm long, pedicellate, of inconspicuous colour.

Sepals lanceolate, 4-5 mm long, circa 2 mm wide, acute, green, at apex weakly striate with red, glanduloso-pilose, at base shortly connate.

Petals 2 mm wide, ad ⅜ connate, at apex reflexed, with keel externally glanduloso-pilose, in the middle on both sides together with tube pale green with red veins, on sides yellowish, lengthwise red striped, most lateral stripes dilute transient to pink, so that in vivo of final general colour dirty rusty pink. In exsiccata changes the pink or red colour to dark purple.

Filaments with adnate part 2 mm, free part epipetalous 3.5 mm, episepalous 4.5 mm, glabrous, pale pink.

Anthers yellow. Carpels green, together with styles 6 mm long, dorsally glabrous, ventrally glanduloso-puberule, less than 0.5 mm connate. Styles striped pink. Nectaria approximately quadrate, 0.5 mm, greenish yellow.

Habitat in mountains Honaz Dag and Tahtali Dag in western Anatolia, to the west of Anatolian diagonal. Plants from Honaz Dag and Tahtali Dag are indistinguishable.

Holotype. Collected Josef Niederle in his garden on 1 July 2015. Flowering plant and cut off florigenous shoots. Honaz Dag introduction. BRNU 638063

N.B. Chaloupkaea aizoon differs in florigenous shoots in winter and spring rosulate, and flowers yellow stellate patent. Chaloupkaea aizoon sensu stricto is pubescent and not hirsute. Chaloupkaea rechingeri differs in leaves merely at margins glanduloso-pilose, sepals twice shorter and whitish nectaria.

Josef Niederle


Published as Chaloupkaea bonorum-hominum (Niederle) Niederle in Skalnickáruv Rok 73: 17, 2016.

Photos Josef Niederle

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