Kircheriana   '키르케리아나'

Origin unknown.

Parentage : E. derenbergii x E. pulvinata / E. 데렌베르기 x E. 풀비나

E. ‘Kircheriana’ has the same parents as E. 'Graessneri’ but is clearly distinct from the latter.


(after van Keppel in: Nat. Cact. & Succ. Journal 21/2, 56 (1966))


Rosettes – compared with E. 'Graessneri’ – more symmetric, equal, compact, 10 cm in diam., resembling E. derenbergii, but in all parts larger of limb.

arranged in 11 clear rows round a strong brownish-green stem, well-marked with blue rhomboid lines round the sides of the leaf-bases just as in E. derenbergii. The apex of the leaves is cordate; the leaves are more blue and stronger red tinged than those of E. ‘Graessneri’.

is less profuse compared with E. ‘Graessneri’.


Photos Emmanuelle Aubé
Photo Werner Geissler

Photo Joan Steele

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