Ray's Comfit

Hybrid by Ray Horton, UK (March 2003)


Parentage :  Pachyphytum oviferum x xSedeveria 'Harry Butterfield' (Sedum morganianum x Echeveria derenbergii)


Description of a 3 years old plant

Stems first upright, than prostrate to pendent, woody at base, 19 cm high, 0,9 cm in diameter near base, plant offsetting freely from the base; up to 40 leaves per stem, well spaced in lower part, more densely arranged towards apex.


Leaves: 3,8 cm for the longest, almost terete, up to 0,9cm in diameter, bluish green, glaucous.


Inflorescence lateral, emerging near apex, 10 cm long, up to 5 flowers, bracts up to 2 cm long and 1,8 cm wide.


Flower: 5 parts, 0,8 cm in diameter, pedicel 1,3 cm, not much open.


Sepals longer than petals, unequal, adpressed at petals, 1 cm long and 0,5 cm wide, united at base, colour slightly lighter than leaves.


Petals 0,8 cm long and 0,3 cm wide, united at base, whitish green inside and outside.



 “The name of this hybrid originated from the name of an English Liquorish sweet, “Liquorish Comfit”, because of it’s tubular shape and to keep the sweet theme as the common name for Pachyphytum oviferum is sugared almond” (Ray Horton).

This is the first xPachevedum to be named. The white flowers of this hybrid are very unusual – none of the three parents has white flowers !

Photo Emmanuelle Aubé

Photo Margrit Bischofberger

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