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AURUSBERGENSIS   Williamson, 1992

Section Argyrophylla

Distribution : At the time Williamson described it, it was only known from south-facing protected rock crevices on the summit of the Aurus Mountains in southern Namibia (1082 m).


Description by G. Williamson :

Perennial plants with basal rosette of leaves growing in dense clumps arising from short woody stems, old leaves not deciduous. Individual plants up to 20 mm high excluding inflorescence and about 38 mm across.

Leaves very fleshy, light green with numerous red to dark green spots on upper surface, glabrous, obovate to ovate, largest about 14 x 9 mm and at least 4 mm thick, margin hyaline, minutely serrated with rounded theeth angled towards the leaf base and with the acute apex very unequally bilobed.

Inflorescence up to 20 mm across with several dense dichasia terminal on a spike up to 15 mm long and 1 mm wide subtended from 2 or 3 basal lanceolate bracts.

Flowers : Calyx segments very fleshy, dark green, narrowly triangular, fused at the base, covered¨with raised shiny papillae and with a blunt apex, corolla white, a shallow cup fused basally for about 1.8 mm, petals 1.5 mm long, broadly oblong, slightly recurved, obtuse and without dorsal appendage, stamens up to 2.5 mm long with a slight bulge towards base, anthers triangular, yellow.

Rooiberg, Sperrgebiet, Namibia :

Photos Chris Rodgerson

Kirstenbosch Botanical Collection :

Photos Jacquie Koutsoudis

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