Crassulaceae - General Information

Métabolisme et résistance à l'aridité

Crassulacean Acid Metabolism CAM

The correct application of the names associated with Sedum rupestre L.

Sedum Society Newsletter 27(104): 48-55. (Jan) 2013. The Sedum Society, Choppington. Text-figs 26-30 (2 colour photos, 1 photo, 2 colour graphics). A correction to the typification of Sedum rupestre L., restoring usage of the name to the sense prior to 1994.

By Roy Mottram

Index to Sedum Society Newsletter 1 – 138     Compiled by Frazer Henderson et al.

Index to Raymond Hamet's Crassulacearum icones selectae  by Julian M.H. Shaw, April 2018