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NATALENSIS   Schönland, 1897

Synonyms :

Crassula rubescens  Schönland & Baker f. (1898)

Crassula sessilifolia  Baker f. (1903)

Crassula rubescens var. intermedia  Schönland (1929)

Crassula rubescens var. laxa  Schönland (1920)

Section Rosulares

Distribution : Lesotho, SA (Eastern Cape, KwaZulu-Natal); grassland on rock outcrops.


Description (according to E. van Jaarsveld in IHSP, 2003) :

Rosulate biennials, solitary or proliferating from the base to form small clusters, to 40 cm tall (incl. inflorescence).

Roots fibrous.

Leaves 10 - 60 x 5 - 15 mm, flattened, obovate to elliptic, glabrous, green to reddish when exposed, upper face flat to slightly channelled, lower face convex, margin ciliate, tips blunt.

Inflorescences terminal round-topped thyrses with 1 to few dichasia.

Flowers pedicellate, sepals to 2.5 mm, triangular, margins sparingly toothed, tips with apical sturdy hairs, corolla white, tubular, to 4 mm, petals oblong-elliptic, to 3 mm, fused shortly at the base, spreading to recurved, tips rounded and slightly cucullate, anthers reddish-brown.

Flowering time : Mid-summer to autumn.

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