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ANGUSTIFOLIA  Walther, 1972 

E. angustifolia Walther is a superfluous re-naming of E. humilis Rose. 

The herbarium specimen Walther used for his description of E. angustifolia was originally identified as E. humilis - presumably by J.N. Rose himself. The respective plant had been collected by J.A. Purpus in 1905 in San Luis Potosí, in the same region as the type of E. humilis.

The reason why Walther converted this clone of E. humilis to his new species E. angustifolia is simple : His concept of E. humilis was based on misidentified plants circulating in California under the incorrect name of E. humilis. Hence his description of E. angustifolia is a - of course superfluous - re-description of E. humilis

PS The ISI 1986 offering "Echeveria angustifolia aff." has later been identified as E. unguiculata

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