Belle Etoile ‘벨레뚜와’


Parentage : E. purpusorum x E. sp.

Named by Jean-Michel Moullec

Description :

Adult plants have a stem up to 6 cm high and 2 cm in diameter. Young plants seem to be acaulescent because the tightly packed leaves hide the stem completely.

: up to 8,6 cm in diameter for a young adult plant, smaller for an old plant.

: numerous, arranged star-like, hence the name; largest leaves in the middle of the rosette, 3,6 – 4 cm long, 1,2 cm wide and 0,7 cm thick, dorsally convex like the hull of a boat, ventrally slightly convex; colour green with darker dots, dorsally reddish, at base dorsally and ventrally pink; very thin mucro.

Producing only very few or no offsets at all. Offsets on short stolons emerge at the base of the plant just beneath the surface.

Inflorescence: cincinnus with a long and thin peduncle, with some green and reddish bracts mainly at the apex, slightly resembling the leaves.

united at base, unequal, green.

pink, upper part yellow; strongly resembling those of E. purpusorum but shorter, so that the flowers look more rounded.

Flowering time
: May



Photos Emmanuelle Aubé
Photo Margrit Bischofberger

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