Memory 메모리

Origin unknown.

Parentage : E. agavoides x E. pulidonis

Named and described by Bernie DeChant.

Published : Subtropica N° 30, April 2010.


Description of a ca. 4 years old plant

: 6 cm high, 1,5 cm in diameter, offsetting.

ca. 16 cm in diameter, 6 cm high, compact, about 35 leaves.

: up to 7 cm long, 2,3 cm wide and 0,8 mm thick, oblanceolate-acuminate, upper side slightly concave, underside slightly convex, medium green, margins, tips and underside reddish.

: 3 for this plant, peduncle 16 cm long, 0,4 cm in diameter, colour very pale greenish-reddish; up to 10 bracts, ca. 1,8 cm long and 0,5 cm wide, lanceolate, spurred, fairly persistent, colour not much different from peduncle, but underside more reddish; bracteoles up to 1 cm long.

: ca. 30 per inflorescence, pedicels ca. 5 mm long; sepals unequal, not united at base, up to 9 mm long and 4 mm wide, slightly spreading, colour pale green; petals not united at base, 13 mm long and 4 mm wide, keeled, tips curved outside, colour inside light orange yellow, outside pale yellow, margins, keel and tips slightly orange. Carpel white, style greenish white, filaments yellowish.


Photos Bernie DeChant

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