x edwardii 'Roseleaf'

A hybrid raised by Mr & Mrs Hummel of Hummel's Exotic Gardens.


Parentage : Kalanchoe beharensis x K. tomentosa (wrongly named K. pilosa)


First published without name as Kalanchoe beharensis x K. pilosa in Exotica: 264, 547. 1957.


Two years later as Kalanchoe 'Roseleaf' in Exotica 2: 484, 1012. 1959.



"An attractive Hummel hybrid with stocky stem, triangular, thick, spatulate-pointed, toothed leaves symmetrically arranged as in a cross, with brown felt above and silver felt beneath; teeth brown" (Graf, Exotica, p. 2328).

Photos Ronen Shtein

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