Parentage : Pachyphytum bracteosum x Echeveria rosea


Hybrid by J.B.A. Deleuil, listed in his catalogue 1874 and in La Belgique Horticole 1874:


“Echeveria x clavifolia (Deleuil) – hybrid of E. bracteosa (Pachyphytum bracteosum Kl) x E. rosea (Courantia echeverioides Lem.). Very nice plant, easy in cultivation ; leaves somewhat smaller than those of P. bracteosum, very numerous, glaucous, with pinkish margins, convex on both sides, cuneate, first erect, later spreading and recurving. Flowers numerous, composed cincinnus; sepals developed; petals outside silvery white, carmine red inside.“



Description by Alwyn Berger in “Gartenflora” 53, 1904 as:


SedumCotyledonEcheveriaDiotostemon  clavifolia,  A. B.


Plant with short stems up to 10 – 15 cm.


Leaves somewhat in shape of a rosette arranged and curved, 45 mm long, 15 mm wide in the upper third and 6 – 7 mm thick, blunt, upper surface slightly flat or concave, strongly convex below, narrowing towards the base getting terete, light grey pruinose with reddish tinge.


Inflorescence 15 cm long, upright, with few bracts soon withering and falling off, bifurcate, each branch with 6 – 9 flowers. Upper bracts lanceolate.


Flowers : Sepals unequal ovate, bluntly upright, 1/ 3 – ½ as long as corolla. Corolla campanulate, 7 – 8 mm long, petals only united at base, slightly keeled, colour a not bright red.


Note :

The parentage given by Deleuil is not credible – there is not the slightest trait of Echeveria rosea in this hybrid.


Photos Margrit Bischofberger

Photo Santino Rischitelli

Photo Emmanuelle Aubé

Photo Joan Steele

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