Originator W. Mueller, Stuttgart, Germany

Jacobsen, A Handbook of Succulent Plants, 1960, p. 720:

“x Pachyveria pfitzeri W. Mueller (Fig. 959). – A hybrid, grown in the garden of Pfitzer in Stuttgart: Pachyphytum oviferum J. A. Purp. x Echeveria elegans Rose. – Rosette densely leafy, about 17 cm in diam.; L. 6 cm. long, as white as alabaster; I. similar to those of Pachyphytum, growing to one side. – Valued as rosette-plant for commercial purposes.”

Jacobsen, Lexicon of Succulent Plants, second edition, 1977, p. 314:

“x P. pfitzeri W. Mueller cv. Pfitzeri. – Hybrid: P. oviferum x E. elegans. – Ros. dense, with numerous daughter-Ros.; L. 6 cm long, alabaster-white; Pet. without a blotch at the base.”

Graf, Exotica, 1985, p. 2377,  photo p. 912.

“pfitzeri (Pachyphytum oviferum x Echeveria elegans) ; attractive open rosette freely sprouting ancillary baby rosettes; leaves obovate spoon-like with concave surface, 6 cm long, pale and nearly white glaucous like translucent alabaster; long-stalked flowers orange red."


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