x scheideckeri 'Albocarinata'

Synonyms :

Echeveria albo-carinata Hort. 

x Pachyveria 'Scheideckeri' var. albo-carinata  E.Walther (1934)

Echeveria scheideckeri var. striata  Haage jr. (1935)

x Pachyveria cv Albocarinata  van Keppel (1962)


Description (according to van Keppel, 1962) :

x P. x scheideckeri ‘Albocarinata’ has irregular, often cylinder shaped leaves which are shorter and smaller than those of x P. ‘Scheideckeri’, and somehow misshapen and strongly pruinose. At lower temperatures the leaves turn pretty pink. The flower colour is paler than with x P. ‘Scheideckeri’ and the flowers are mostly misshapen. x P. ‘Albocarinata’ is smaller than x P. ‘Scheideckeri’.
The plant can only be propagated by offsets.

Photo Noelene Tomlinson

Photo Margrit Bischofberger

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