MURATDAGHENSE (Kit Tan) 't Hart , 1999

Synonym : Rosularia muratdaghensis  Kit Tan (1989)


Distribution : Western Turkey; igneous rocks, 2100 m.



Description (according to IHSP, 2003) :


Caudex none, but with taproots.


Rosettes depressed-globular, 1.5 - 3 cm in diameter, clump-forming with many subsessile offsets.


Leaves broadly spatulate with mucronate apex, fairly succulent, 0.8 - 1.2 cm, glabrous, pale to medium fresh green, apically commonly tinged with dark to bright red, margins with scattered ciliae or glandular hairs.


Inflorescences terminal, paniculate, 5 - 10 cm.


Flowers tubular to narrowly funnel-shaped, ± 1.2 cm, petals united for ± 1/2, dorsally

glandular along the midrib, pale yellowish to ivory, sometimes with reddish streaks.


Cytology : 2n = 56


Vegetatively very close to P. chrysanthum and P. serpentinicum.

Photos Ray Stephenson

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