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AETNENSE Tineo, 1845

Synonyms :

Macrosepalum aetnense  (Tineo) Palanov (1988)

Sedum tetramerum  Trautvetter (1880) / Sedum aetnense ssp. tetramerum  (Trautvetter) Hamet (1914) / Sedum aetnense var. tetramerum  (Trautvetter) Hamet (1914) / Macrosepalum tetramerum  (Trautvetter) Palanov (1988)  

Macrosepalum turkestanicum  Regel & Schmalhausen (1882) / Sedum turkestanicum (Regel & Schmalhausen) Hamet ex B. Fedtschenko (1915)

Sedum skorpilii  Velenovsky (1899)

Sedum korpilii  Velenovsky (1899)

Sedum albanicum  Beck (1904)

Sedum erythrocarpum  Pau (1906)

Sedum aetnense var. genuinum  Hamet (1914)

Sedum ekimianum  Metzger & Duman (1990)

Sedum aetnense ssp. aranjuezii  J.Gonz.Granados (2011)


Distribution : Southern Europe, Turkey (Anatolia), Iran, Near East, also recently cited from Spain and Serbia; usually very local.



Description (by 't Hart & Bleij in IHSP 2003) :


Short-lived small glabrous annual herbs with erect or ascending usually simple branches to 6 cm tall.


Leaves alternate, imbricate and erect-appressed, sessile with a scarious basal spur, conical-oblong, 3 - 5 mm, subacute, terete or semiterete, often with ciliate or denticulate margins, glaucous or dark green.


Inflorescences cymose, usually consisting of 1 cincinnus (large specimens often with 2 or more cincinni), bracts 2, leaf-like, large.


FIowers 4- (or 5-) merous, autogamous, sessile, with 4 or 5 stamens, sepals basally free and spurred, strongly unequal, to 4 mm, acute, semiterete, often with ciliate margins, petals free, oblong, 2 - 3 mm, subacute, white, sometimes tinged red, filaments white, anthers small, yellowish or red.


Cytology: 2n = 26, 52.


Belonging to the monotypic Ser. Macrosepala (Regel & Schmalhausen) Borissova. It was recently also cited from several provinces of Spain (Ríos Ruiz & Al. 1993: 166) and for Serbia (Zlatkovic & Randjelovic 1996).

Sedum aetnense in Greece near Florina, no one had reported this little oddity from this country. Full-grown plants were 10mm high.

S. tetramerum - now synonymous with S. aetnense :

Near Iraqi border S of Lake Van c2000m. Sedum tetramerum can be separated from S. aetnense but only one feature (non-entire sepals) so perhaps it is best to unite. 

Ray Stephenson

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