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APOLEIPON   't Hart, 1983

Distribution : Central Greece, mountains, semidry stony meadows and in open rocky places, on limestone, 1700 - 2000 m.



Description (according to 't Hart & Bleij in IHSP 2003) :


Glabrous perennials, non-flowering shoots procumbent or trailing, branching and rooting, usually forming dense mats.


Leaves alternate, sessile, densely imbricate on the non-flowering shoots, oblong-ellipsoid, shortly spurred, terete, obtuse, 4 - 8 mm, glaucous-green, dead leaves persistent, reddish-brown.


Inflorescences : Flowering branches erect, 5 - 8 cm, inflorescences dense cymes with 2 or 3 cincinni, bracts 2 per flower.


FIowers 5-merous, sessile to subsessile, sepals broadly sessile, unequal, obtuse to rounded, to 3 mm, petals lanceolate to elliptic-ovate, acuminate, ± 5 mm, yellow, filaments yellow, anthers yellow.


Cytology : 2n = 44


This taxon has formerly been confused with S. sexangulare, but can easily be distinguished from the latter by its densely imbricate alternate glaucous leaves. It hybridizes with S. laconicum in nature (= S. x patrickii), and belongs to the comparium of Ser. Alpestria A. Berger ('t Hart 1991).

Plant in cultivation :

Photos Ray Stephenson

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