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Subgenus Gormania

Distribution : USA (California : Sierra Nevada, Feather River canyon); 360 - 860 m.


Description (by 't Hart & Bleij in IHSP, 2003) :

Perennial herbs with short branched rootstocks with dense and compact rosettes and axillary offsets.

Leaves alternate, oblanceolate, oblanceolate-oblong or spatulate, (14-) 28 (-67) x (5) 11 (-18) mm, broadly rounded or truncate, sometimes emarginate, somewhat erose at the white margins, stiff, glaucous.

Flowering branches erect, 16 - 25 cm.

Inflorescences elongate, much branched cymes, pedicels ± 0.8 mm.

Flowers 5-merous, sepals broadly sessile, basally connate, lanceolate, acute or subacute, sometimes minutely papillose-ciliate, glabrous, green or shlightly glaucous, ± 4.5 x 2.5 mm, erect, petals basally connate, imbricate, oblanceolate-oblong, acute or obtuse, slightly mucronate, with the upper margins erose, yellow, ± 9.5 mm, erect at the base, then slightly divergent upwards, filaments pale green, anthers yellow.

Cytology : 2n = 30

See also A review of Sedum section Gormania (Crassulaceae) in western North America, in Phytotaxa Vol. 368, No 1, 2018. 

Sierra Nevada, Feather River canyon :

In the neighbouring canyon Caribou Creek :

Photos Ray Stephenson

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