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BORISSOVAE  Balkovsky, 1953

Distribution : Southern Ukraine, endemic to granitic outcrops near Dolinsky.



Description (according to 't Hart & Bleij in IHSP 2003) :


Glabrous perennial herbs with trailing and rooting non-flowering shoots.


Leaves alternate, imbricate, sessile with a short broad truncate spur, oblong-elliptic, ± 6 mm, obtuse to rounded, semiterete, glaucous or pruinose.


Inflorescences : Flowering branches ascending, simple or with some few-flowered lateral branches, inflorescences cymes with (1-) 2 (-4) monochasial branches, bracts 2 per flower.


Flowers 5-merous, sessile or subsessile, sepals broadly sessile, unequal, oblong, to 3 mm, obtuse, petals basally free, lanceolate-elliptic, ± 6 mm, acute-acuminate, golden-yellow, often tinged red, filaments yellow, anthers yellow.


Cytology : 2n=26

Photos Dagmar Petrlikowa

Photo Ray Stephenson

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