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BELLUM Rose ex Praeger, 1921

Synonyms :

Sedum farinosum  Rose (1911)

Sedum aleurodes  Bitter (1924)


Distribution : Mexico (Durango)



Description (according to IHSP, 2003) :


Perennial herbs with stout erect stems, densely leafy at the top, > 5 cm tall.


Leaves alternate, obovate to oblong, rounded to obtuse, shortly spurred on flowering branches, mamillate, 7 – 35 mm, longest on sterile branches; flowering branches erect, white-pruinose, 7 – 10 cm.


Inflorescences cymes with spreading branches, bracts suboblong, mamillate, ± 2 mm.


Flowers 5-merous, sessile or subsessile, sepals basally free, shortly spurred, unequal, oblong to subovate, mamillate, 3 – 4 mm, erect, petals basally slightly connate, subovate to sometimes lanceolate, obtuse, white, shortly mucronate, narrowed near the base, ± 7 mm, suberect.


Cytology : 2n = 72



Note :

According to Ray Stephenson there are "two distinct forms ... in cultivation : the true species and a far more common imposter, a garden hybrid, which is similar but altogether larger including the flowers....Clausen thought the impostor to be a cross between Sedum bellum and a species of Echeveria, but Uhl ... suggested that the other parent appeared to be a diploid Sedum species (Sedum, cultivated stonecorps, p. 246).



The true species :

Photos Meinolf Stützer

The impostor :

Photos Mike Wisnev

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