CLAVATUM  R.T.Clausen, 1975

 Distribution : Mexico (México); known from the type locality only, cliffs of andesite.

Description (by 't Hart & Bleij in IHSP, 2003) :

Perennial subshrubs.

Stem much-branched, glaucous, ± 20cm tall.

Leaves alternate, clavate, elliptic-oblanceolate or obovate, obtuse, shortly spurred, upcurved, glaucous, pale green, sometimes with red mucronate tips, 13 – 63 x 10 – 29 mm.

Inflorescences: flowering branches erect, axillary; inflorescences pleiochasial cymes, pedicels 3,6 – 6,5 mm.

Flowers: 5-merous, sepals basally connate, very unequal, clavate, oblanceolate-oblong, rounded, glaucous, pale green, 5 – 8 x 1,6  - 4,2 mm, erect, petals elliptic, acute or obtuse, minutely mucronate, carinate, white, ± 7 mm, spreading, slightly upcurved, anthers dark red.


Cytology: 2n = 66


Two contrasting forms of Sedum clavatum :


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