CUPRESSOIDES Hemsley, 1878

Distribution : Mexico (Oaxaca, Puebla)


Description by Charles Uhl in Rhodora 87, 1985 :*


“Sedum cupressoides Hemsley is one of several small species of southern Mexico and Guatemala that are poorly known and often confused. As conceived here (U2358), it has white to faintly pinkish flowers and spreading, closely crowded, awl-shaped leaves about 3 mm long that taper from a base about 1.5 mm in diameter and persist on the stem after drying, as in S. liebmannianum.


This species has sometimes been confused with S. muscoideum (Clausen, 1959; Praeger, 1921), but that species has yellow flowers, tightly appressed, almost scale-like leaves and n = 34.”


Cytology : n = 30


* The description in IHSP is not correct, it concerns S. muscoideum.

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