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CONZATTII   Rose, 1903

Distribution : Mexico, Oaxaca, ca 2300 m.


Description (by 't Hart & Bleij in IHSP, 2003) :

Few-branched perennial herbs or subshrubs with slender suberect stems, densely papillose in the upper part, 3 - 40 cm tall.

Leaves alternate, subspatulate-oblong, rounded or obtuse, mamillate, 10 - 30 mm.

Flowering branches erect.

Inflorescences short panicles or lax corymbs, bracts lanceolate, obtuse, papillose.

Flowers 5-merous, shortly pedicellate, sepals sessile, basally slightly connate, unequal, oblong to ovate, obtuse, papillose, 2 - 3 mm, suberect, petals basally slightly connate, broadly lanceolate, acute, basally narrowed, papillose along the midrib, white or purplish, 6 - 7 mm, slightly spreading.

In habitat in Oaxaca :

Photo Gerhard Köhres

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