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EASTWOODIAE  (Britton) Berger, 1930

Synonyms :

Gormania eastwoodiae  Britten (1903)

Cotyledon mendocinoana  Fedde (1904)

Sedum laxum ssp. eastwoodiae  Clausen (1975) / Sedum laxum var. eastwoodiae (Clausen) Ohba (2007).

Distribution : On rocky serpentine slopes of Red Mountain and adjacent Little Red Mountain in Mendocino County, California, USA, 600 - 1240 m.


Description by Britton as Gormania eastwoodiae in Bulletin of the NY Botan. Garden 3: 39,1903 :

Rootstocks stout, horizontal.

Basal leaves spatulate, thick, obtuse, 1 - 2 cm long, 1 cm wide or less, rather pale green, slightly glaucous, those of the flowering stems similar, smaller.

Flowering stems 10 - 15 cm high, cyme dense, 5 cm broad or less, pedicels 2 - 5 mm long.

Calyx about 3 mm long, its triangular-ovate acute lobes about twice as long as the tube, corolla red or dark pink, about 7 mm long, its segments oblong-lanceolate, sharply acute, united for about one third their length.


Note :

The re-classification of the former S. laxum ssp. eastwoodiae as a species has been published in  Phytotaxa 368 (1): 1-61, 2018.


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