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FUSIFORME   Lowe, 1831

Subgenus Sedum

Distribution : S Madeira, cliffs, to 500 m.

Description (according to 't Hart in IHSP, 2003) :

Glabrous subshrubs to 20 cm tall, with much-branched shoots ascending from a stout (to 1 cm in diameter) woody basal stem.

Leaves alternate, sessile, crowded at the stem tips, elliptic to oblong, 5 - 10 mm, subacute, terete, green or greyish-green with a dark red longitudinal stripe.

Flowering branches ascending or erect, to 8 cm, sparingly leafy.

Inflorescences lax few-flowered cymes with 2 (-3) cincinni, bracts 2 per flower.

Flowers  5-merous, sessile, sepals basally free, spurred, unequal, triangular-ovate, to 3 mm, petals basally connate for 1.5 mm, ovate, 7 - 9 mm, acuminate, yellow mottled or spotted with red on the inside, filaments yellow, anthers yellow.

Cytology : 2n = 24

Belonging to the comparium of Series Macaronesia Fröderström.

Photos Henk 't Hart

Photo Ray Stephenson

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