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FLAVIDUM  (Denton) Wilson & Zika, 2018

Published in Phytotaxa 368 (1): 1 - 61, 2018.

The authors indicate Sedum laxum ssp. flavidum  Denton (1978) as basionym of the new species.

However their notes (p. 29 - 30) clearly demonstrate that S. flavidum is not identical with the former ssp. flavidum. Barbara Wilson (pers. comment.) : "We emphasize different traits than Denton did and find that S. flavidum is more variable, e.g. in flower color, than she stated. A major change from Denton's publication was that Sedum flavidum as we understand it has a wider range than Denton thought."


Description of S. flavidum by Barbara Wilson

Sedum flavidum has obtuse to retuse rosette leaves. Stem leaves are typically suborbicular, sometimes elliptic to oblong, small, usually slightly auriculate, usually spreading, occasionally reflexed. Sepals are small relative to the petals. Petals are usually obtuse to acute, white to pale yellow, sometimes red or pink along the midrib, occasionally also near the base, senescing pink. Anthers are yellow, senescing brown.


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