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Synonym : Sedum guadalajaranum ssp. viridiflorum R. T. Clausen (1978)


Distribution : Mexico (Aguascalientes, Jalisco, Nayarit, Zacatecas), ± 1700 m



Description (by 't Hart & Bleij in IHSP 2003) :


Glabrous perennial subshrubs with thick root-stock with napiform roots and roughened much branching stems, to 30 cm tall.


Leaves alternate, linear, subacute, shortly spurred, mamillate, slightly glaucous, 3 - 15 mm, spreading.


Inflorescences : Flowering branches erect, inflorescences lax corymbs.


FIowers 5-merous, sessile, sepals basally free, shortly spurred, slightly unequal, linear to lanceolate, subobtuse, 3 - 3,5 mm, erect, petals basally slightly connate, lanceolate, subacute, narrowly mucronate, slightly narrowed at the base, white with red midrib, 5 - 6 mm, suberect, anthers dark red.


Cytology : 2n = 58

In  habitat :

Photos Gerhard Köhres

Photos Meinolf Stützer

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