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HIRSUTUM Allioni, 1785


Synonyms :

Leucosedum hirsutum (Allioni) Fourreau (1868) / Oreosedum hirsutum (Allioni) Grulich (1984) / Rosularia hirsuta (Allioni) Eggli (1988)

Sedum hirsutum var. rubellum Merino

Sedum hirsutum var. maroccanum  Font Quer (1928)

Sedum winkleri var. maroccanum  Font Quer (1928)

Sedum hirsutum var. gattefossei  Maire & al. ex Maire (1938)

Sedum hirsutum var. thermarum  Maire & al. ex Maire (1938)


Distribution : SW Europe (Spain, Portugal, France, Italy), N Africa (Morocco).



Description (according to IHSP 2003) :


Densely glandular-pubescent rosulate perennial herbs, usually forming tufts and propagating through axillary propagules consisting of a simple leaf-less thin stolon to 6 cm long with a terminal rooting rosette.


Leaves alternate, oblanceolate, obtuse, sessile, semiterete; flowering branches simple, erect, sparsely leafy, 5 – 12 (- 15) cm.


Inflorescences cymes with (1-) 2 (-3) cincinni, bracts 1 per flower, small, oblong, pedicels 3 – 6 mm.


Flowers 5-merous, sepals broadly sessile, slightly connate basally, oblong, acute, to 2.5 mm, petals basally slightly connate, spreading, white, anthers dark red.


Two subspecies are accepted :


Sedum hirsutum ssp. baeticum

Sedum hirsutum ssp. hirsutum

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