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HAVARDII Rose, 1905


Distribution : Known only from the Big Bend region of western Texas and adjacent Mexico.



Desciption by Rose (1905) :


Closely resembling Sedum tuberculatum and S. retusum, but apparently not shrubby, low and much branched at base.


Stems covered with red tubercles.


Leaves flattened, 4 – 5 mm long, obtuse.


Flowers few, clustered near the tops of the branches, sessile or nearly so, calyx very small, about 1 mm long, petals narrow, 4 mm long, carpels widely speading.



Clausen adds (1981) :


Plants at higher altitudes have green leaves. These behave differently in cultivation and require a cold winter to induce flowering. Plants from lower altitudes, in the pinyon zone, have glaucous leaves that appear blue-green. Petals vary in the degree to which they are marked with pink.



Uhl writes (1985) :

Sedum havardii Rose has creeping stems with small spreading linear leaves and white to pale pinkish flowers.

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