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KIMNACHII Byalt, 1999

Synonyms :

Sedum decumbens R. T. Clausen (1975)

Sedum clausenii Byalt (1998)


Distribution : Horticultural origin, probably Central Mexican Plateau.


Description (according to IHSP 2003) :


Perennial subshrubs with decumbent stems to 25 cm.


Leaves alternate, obovate to spatulate, rounded, emarginate, 15 – 25 x 11 – 13 mm; flowering branches erect or ascending, axillary.


Inflorescences small cymes with 3 or more bracts.


Flowers 5-merous, subsessile, sepals basally slightly connate, shortly spurred, unequal, ovate, obtuse to acute, green, ± 3 mm, erect, petals free, ovate-lanceolate, yellow, ± 5 mm.


S. kimnachii has the same chromosome number as S. confusum and may well be just a smaller form of this species. 


Photo Noelene Tomlinson

Photos Emmanuelle Aubé

Photos Christophe Camassel

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