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LACONICUM Boissier & Heldreich, 1846

Synonyms :

Sedum acre var. laconicum  (Boissier & Heldreich) Fröderström (1932) / Sedum acre ssp. laconicum  (Boissier & Heldreich) J. A. Huber (1936)

Sedum laconicum fa. elongatum  Pampanini (1936)

Sedum laconicum ssp. pentapolitanum  Brullo & Furnari(1979).


Distribution : Greece, Lebanon, Israel.



Description (according to IHSP 2003) :


Perennial herbs with much-branched creeping and rooting stems crowded with imbricate leaves forming tufts of small rosettes.


Leaves alternate, densely imbricate, broadly linear or narrowly ellipsoid, sessile, with a narrow truncate spur, acute with hyaline papillae at the tip, subterete, bright glaucous-green, 5 - 8 mm.


Inflorescences : Flowering branches erect or ascending, simple, 4 - 15 cm, with 1 - 10 small subsidiary axillary cymes, inflorescences usually dense few-flowered cymes with 2 - 3 cincinni, bracts 2 per flower.


FIowers 5-merous, subsessile, sepals broadly sessile, linear-oblong, subacute or obtuse, sometimes with hyaline papillae, 2,5 - 3 mm, petals free,  lanceolate,   apiculate-aristate, bright yellow, often with a red keel or red streaks, ± 6 mm, filaments yellow, anthers yellow (rarely red).


Reports of S. laconicum from Anatolia (Turkey) probably relate to S. ursi (2n = 12).

S. laconicum belongs to the comparium of Ser. Alpestria A. Berger ('t Hart 1991).



2 varieties :

Sedum laconicum ssp. laconicum

Sedum. laconicum ssp. pallidum 't Hart & van Ham (1991)

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