LONGUETAE Hamet, 1913



Description :


Flowering stems 6.5-7.5 cm long,

Sepals are 5.2 cm long, 1.9 cm wide and have a spur 8 mm long, 

corolla tube is 1.4 cm long, free part of petals 6.6 cm long and 1.9 cm wide,

stamens fused to 1.4 cm, free part 4.2 cm long and 35 mm wide .....


The description leaves no doubt that this plant cannot possibly be a Sedum. The name "longueatae" is not listed in the Index of the Illustrated Handbook of Succulent Plants, however 't Hart & Bleji mention it, (together with S. lahovaryanum) in the introduction to their treatment of genus Sedum (p 237), stating that it is probably not a member of genus Sedum. Fröderström even suggested it might be an Echeveria ..... 


Nevertheless in Las Crasuláceas de México, vol. II, 2019, the author Jorge Meyrán Garcia has revived the name and transferred it to genus Villadia, where he used it to replace Villadia recurva Moran et al. > Villadia longuetae – illustrating it with two fine photos of V. recurva which very obviously are lacking 5.2 cm long sepals and a 6.6 cm long free part of the petals .....This recombination is pure nonsense and an embarrassment which could have easily been avoided had the author taken the trouble to correctly inform himself about Sedum longuetae Hamet.




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