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MAIREANUM  Sennen, 1933

Synonyms :

Sedum villosum var. ramosum  Pérez Lara (s.a.)

Sedum villosum var. aristatum  Emberger & Maire (1927) / Sedum villosum ssp. aristatum (Emberger & Maire) Laínz (1967) / Oreosedum villosum ssp. aristatum  (Emberger & Maire) Velayos (1989)

Sedum paui  Sennen (1933)

Distribution : Spain, Portugal, Morocco; temporarily wet places and seepages in mountain pastures, to 1900 m.


Description (by Urs Egglij in IHSP, 2003) :

Annual (rarely perennial) glandular herbs, greenish or reddish.

Roots fibrous.

Stems 5 - 13 cm, erect, rarely with sterile branches at the base.

Leaves alternate, linear, terete, 8 (-10) x 1 - 2 mm, basally spurred, obtuse, glandular-hairy.

Inflorescence corymbose, embracing at least half of the length of flowering branches, pedicels (2-) 2.5 - 5 (-6) mm.

Flowers 5-merous, sepals basally connate, 1 - 1.8 x 0.5 - 0.8 mm, narrowly lanceolate, obtuse, glandular, petals stellately spreading, basally fused to form a tube 0.5 mm long, elliptic, 3 - 5.5 x 1 -2 mm, acute, whitish to whitish-rose, carpels erect, greenish-purple, gradually tapering to the tip, seeds 0.5 mm, striate.


Another member of Ser. Subrosea 't Hart and often confused with Sedum lagascae and S. villosum. It differs from the latter by smaller accute and sometimes apiculate petals and carpels that narrow gradually towards the style.

Photos Ray Stephenson

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