Synonym : Sedum cryptomerioides  Bartlett & Yamamoto (1932)


Type (lecto) : Taiwan (Nagasaza 566)


Distribution : Taiwan : mountains above 2500 m.



Description (by 't Hart & Bleij in IHSP, 2003) :


Perennial herbs with erect reddish stems, branched at the base, to 8 cm.


Leaves alternate or whorled, densely imbricate, oblong-lanceolate, obtuse, 6 (-15) x ± 1.5 (-3) mm.


Inflorescences many-flowered cymes with 2 – 4 sometimes forked cincinni, bracts leaf-like, shorter than the flower.


Flowers 5-merous, sessile, sepals basally free, spurred, unequal, oblong-linear, obtuse, ±  3 mm, petals oblong-linear to lanceolate, obtuse, yellow, ±  6.5 mm, nectar scales minute, broadly square, styles ± 6 mm, fruits erect, membranous, seed oblong, reticulate-papillose.



Tang & Huang (1989) treated S. cryptomerioides as a distinct species, which is separated from S. morrisonense by its larger leaves arranged in whorls. However, phyllotaxis and leaf size appear to be rather variable in these taxa.

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