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Sedum lineare var. contractum Miquel (1866)

Sedum sheareri  S. Moore (1875)

Sedum sarmentosum fa. maior   Diels (1900)

Sedum kouyangense  H. Leveillé & Vaniot (1914)


Distribution : Northern and central China, Korea, Japan, northern Thailand; naturalized in central and eastern Europe (e.g. northern Italy, central Germany, Balkans); shady places, rocks, etc., below 1600m.

Plants occurring on the Danjo Islands, Japan, have been described as Sedum danjoense.


Description (by 't Hart & Bleij in IHSP, 2003) :

Perennial herbs with slender creeping and rooting non-flowering shoots.

Leaves in whorls of 3, broadly oblanceolate or lanceolate to linear, 10 – 25 mm, subacute, palish yellowish-green.

Inflorescences bracteate dense cymes or corymbs, with 2 – 4 sometimes forked cincinni.

Flowers  5-merous, (sub-) sessile, sepals basally free, broadly sessile, often unequal, broadly lanceolate to oblong, 3,5 – 5 mm, petals sometimes slightly connate at the base, lanceolate to oblong, rather long mucronate, yellowish, 5 – 8 mm.

Cytology : 2 n = ± 72.


Fröderström (1936b) distinguished 2 varieties, which, apart from their distribution, seem rather arbitrary and are only tentatively recognized here :


Sedum sarmentosum var. sarmentosum

Sedum sarmentosum var. silvestre 

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