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TAROKOENSE  H.W.Lin & J.C.Wang, 2013

Subgenus Sedum

Distribution : In two localities in the Taroko area of Hualien Hsien, eastern Taiwan, growing on limestone scree slopes.


Description :

Perennial fleshy herbs.

Stems thick, glabrous, usually reddish, with glandular spots, woody, 6 - 8 (-10) cm tall, basally decumbent, distally erect, rooting at nodes, base usually with young branches.

Leaves alternate, usually reddish, approximate, densely arranged on uper part of stem, orbicular to ellipsoid, 5 - 6 mm long, 3 - 4 mm wide, 2 - 3 mm thick, margin entire, base truncate, spurred, apex obtuse, sometimes mucronate.

Inflorescences spicate cymes, terminal, usually dichotomously branched, bracts leaf-like, 3 - 4 mm long.

Flowers 5-merous, usually 3 - 5 per branch, lower flowers short pedunculate, upper flowers sessile, sepals free, equal to subequal in length, oblanceolate-spatulate, 2.5 - 3 mm long, slightly spurred, reddish green, glabrous, petals oblong-lanceolate to lanceolate, 4 - 5 mm long, apex acute to acuminate, yellow, anthers orangish yellow.

Flowering time : May - June.


S. tarokoense is resembling S. uniflorum ssp. oryzifolium, S. nokoense and S. alfredii.

First published in Lu et al. Botanical Studies 2013, 54:57

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