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VALENS  Björk, 2010

First published in Madroño, Vol. 57, No. 2, pp136-140, 2010

Distribution : Found in the Salmon River Canyon of central Idaho; growing in rather dry Pinus woodlands and canyon shrub communities in lower elevations.

Description :

Biennial plants, light to yellowish green.

Rosettes up to 10 cm wide, with up to 188 leaves.

Leaves strongly papillate and with marginal cilia.

Inflorescences erect, much-branched, up to 115 mm tall.

Flowers numerous, petals yellow.

Sedum valens belongs to a group of Sedum including S. borschii, S. leibergii, S. radiatum and S. stenopetalum. Morphologically it shares many traits with S. borschii and S. leibergii but differs conspicuously in its large rosette with a myriad leaves and the fact that the leaf margins are ciliate

Photos Meinolf Stützer

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