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Pat's Pink

aka xGraptosedum 'Paddy Peate', xSedeveria 'Pat'sPink', Sedum 'Pam's Pink'


Origin : Most probably a chance seedling in the Arizona Cactus nursery of Pat Dixon in Sydney, prior to 1995, named by Attila Kapitany.

Parentage probably Sedum adolphi x S. spec.



A small spreading shrub to about 10cm high, 20cm or more across, branching from the base. Rosettes about 7cm across. Leaves 40mm long, 12mm across, 3mm thick.

Leaf colour is extremely variable according to growing conditions.


Flowers white, 15mm across, 30 or more per inflorescence. Flowering in mid-winter to spring.


The plant can tolerate full sun.

Photos Noelene Tomlinson

Photos Max Holmes

Photos Santino Rischitelli

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